Leonard, Texas

Grove Hill United Methodist Church

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On Saturday, Feb 6th, 2015 the Grove Hill Church burned to the ground.  Church services are temporarily being held at the Leonard Community Fellowship Church in Leonard.  That building is located on Pecan Street, right behind Lea's Restaurant.  We are deeply grateful to Pastor Willie Johnson and his wife Liz for sharing their church with us while we regroup.  

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​​The church was insured through the Methodist Conference, who  requires that the new building contain certain fire safety features:  Concrete foundation, central air & heat (no open flames) and a metal roof.  Our goal is to have the new building look as similar to the old church as possible, especially the steeple and bell tower.  

​We are hoping that the new building will be complete enough to host this year's annual Cemetery Association meeting, but if not we will meet again at the Leonard Community Fellowship Church in Leonard.  A map and photo are shown below:


The new building is complete!  Church services resumed in November.  Come check out the new church!

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