Click here for an alphabetical list of interments at the Grove Hill Cemetery as documented at the website:

Prerequisites for a burial plot at Grove Hill Cemetery

The deceased must have lived within five miles of the cemetery for no less than five years upon death, OR

The deceased must be no more than two family generations away from someone who is currently buried within the cemetery or that family member has a plot to be buried within the cemetery already secured with a concrete curb level to the ground.

Any exceptions must be submitted in writing and voted on by the Board of Trustees, or at the annual summer meeting of the Grove Hill Cemetery Association.  

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Grove Hill Cemetery Association officers

President    .    .   . Glenn  Whitaker  .   .

Vice President .   . Jack Bonds    .   .   .

Secretary    .   .   .  Cynthia Clemmons .

Treasurer    .   .   .  Lea Ann Thomas   .

Trustees     .   .   .  Jane Biggerstaff, Kavin Keen, John Hale,  Tommy Sikes,                                   Dorothy Tipping,  Glenn Whitaker,  Karen Young.

Grove Hill United Methodist Church

Leonard, Texas

At the 2016 meeting a new map of the cemetery was presented.  Glenn Whitaker worked with a company to mark the rows of burials with stainless steel markers, then document all the existing gravesites both in maps and in database format.   This was a HUGE project and is much appreciated!  Links to electronic images of these documents are shown below. 

  Web contact:

The annual meeting of the Grove Hill Cemetery Association that is normally held in June has been canceled due to the coronavirus.  Please consider instead sending a donation to:  PO Box 564, Leonard TX  75452.  

A letter from our President regarding this year's meeting:  

Requirements for plot reservation

Interested parties should contact Glenn Whitaker to confirm eligibility for burial, and that the spot you want is available.  Glenn maintains the master list of interments at Grove Hill.

Email:      Phone:   903.436.2269

A concrete curb with a family name, level to the ground, must be placed around the plot OR a headstone placed within sixty days to secure the reservation.  There are no guarantees for reservation of a plot without a concrete curb or full-sized headstone.  

The interment fee as of July 1, 2009 is $250, payable to the Grove Hill Cemetery Association.  It is normally collected from you by the funeral home and should be sent to the following address:

       Grove Hill Cemetery Association  -  ​P.O. Box 564  -  Leonard, TX  75452