Grove Hill United Methodist Church

The community we now call Grove Hill was originally known as Oak Grove.  On Dec. 11,1879, Methodist Episcopal trustees T.K. Taylor, Wm. Clark and T.C. Cobb purchased four acres of land for $20 from William and Mary Allen for the Grove Hill School House, Church and Cemetery.  There is also a separate purchase of one acre for $1 for the church, although since the church and cemetery properties adjoin, and the school was built a little distance away, I think that the land in that  second purchase was used for the school.  Copies of the original deeds for these purchases are linked below.  

Grove Hill Building in 1885.  Sketch by Mary Ann Whitson

The fellowship hall annex was added after the community joined efforts to raise the funds.  This chart that used to hang in the sanctuary reflected the goals and generosity of the early members.


These pictures were taken in 2010.

In 1947, the church building burned.  Luckily there was a revival going on at the time and the pews were outside on the grass.  The building was a total loss but the pews survived and were used until 2015.

This photo was taken in 2002.  Since then the church has been repainted and new electrical service was installed.  A handicap ramp was installed in 2009.

Oak Grove building in 1792.  Sketch by Mary Ann Whitson

The church was rebuilt using materials from the abandoned Grove Hill School building located just down the road.  Many local families joined together and rebuilt the church in six months.  Here is how the building looked in 1951.  

In 1991 a miniature replica of the church was built for the Leonard Christmas parade.  It was pulled in the parade by a mule-drawn wagon, driven by Grove Hill native Forest Brown.  The replica sat on the church grounds for many years until it deteriorated. 

Grove Hill Methodist Episcopal  Church, 1917

Photo courtesy of Billy Grimes.  

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